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Fruity Pebbles Scented

Shea butter

Mango butter

Cocoa Butter

Oils and minerals

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  • What’s in your skin care line

    Gold ! No just kidding, the ingredients in Kay’s Creations are all the nutrients and oils your skin needs but doesn’t get enough of not to mention PH balancing components as well

  • What about preservatives

    What’s that? When I said all natural I meant it! Products don’t expire but they definitely give what it is supposed to gave, just good for your body quality care❤️

  • How long is Processing and shipping?

    I ship through USPS, Only priority is used. Processing takes 3-5 and shipping is between 1-3 days for delivery.

  • What else do you create?

    Not only do I make awesome skin care products, I make dope a** Candles that smell AMAZING ! I also make tumblers as well check out my catalog and let me be you gift maker !

Meet Kay

A mother of 2 by day A nurse and business owner by night. I love to help and heal, so during COVID when the mask mandate was initiated my skin DID NOT comply, I was breaking out all types of crazy! Nothing worked for me, it was either to heavy or it wasn’t strong enough for my skin, so I did some research and sought out the ingredients my skin NEEEDED nothing else! And when people started noticing the resistance my skin had to the harsh fibers of the mask then the WHAT ARE YOU USING question came up and so *side eyes* I promoted my brand and BOOM 💥, a company was made, Kay’s Creations changes the way you thank your skin.